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Good health is essential to every human being. Healthy people /Nation feel better and can play a more active role in society. Unfortunately quality health care is not universally available. In Kenya (poor rural areas) in particular ,there are thousands of poor people from different communities all over who do not have access to decent health care .There is high rate of premature death, ill health, child mortality among other diseases which needed more attention.

RHD as an organization is focused to bring down the rate of maternal mortality ratio for women, reduce child mortality, and stop the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis among other diseases. In Kenya, most people in rural areas face major obstacles in obtaining adequate health care, including a shortage of doctors and medicines, high costs of treatment at available government hospitals, and long distances to clinics. The toll from malaria and other preventable diseases, especially on young children, is high.

We involve our efforts in implementing the following initiatives: