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Strategic Project Partnership

RHD could not do all the programs without the participation and support of other development partners, individual supporters, and fundraising partners. We need more partners to join in the effort to support the organization's projects and to support the educational needs of each child by sharing knowledge, raising money and heightening awareness.

Corporate Sponsors

Joining our Corporate Sponsors is easy by just giving money to the RHD via Charity means, written request or grant application. There are different levels in which you can become a Corporate Sponsor. The primary mission of having a Corporate Sponsor is to have certain programs supported or for our general operations (i.e., sport events, school debate contests, road events for fundraising, development fund, water supply, electricity, orphans' sponsorship, health care fund etc.)

Fundraising Partners

Our fundraising partners raised money for the RHD. The primary mission of all fundraising partner organizations is to ensure that all our programs are completed and supported successfully.

God Fathering Support

There will unfortunately be orphaned children till the end of time. The orphans who are left alone due to the death of their parents cannot afford any kind of support for themselves. They need our continuous support so that their precious lives are able to reach their potential. Food, clothing, shelter and education should not be a luxury but a necessity. You can adopt a child by becoming his/her foster parent. Your contributions will aid each child in acquiring basic needs. They need your help and from our side, when we identify them, we give ourselves responsibility of service. We guarantee that no child will ever be turned away. Participating in the God fathering/ sponsoring education of an orphaned child is a way to ensure that orphaned and impoverished children will always be guaranteed an education. Any little contribution to a child of your choice will greatly help pay for tuition, fees, uniforms, scholastic materials and food. Kindly reach us if you are interested in supporting a child of your choice. We are ready to furnish you with a list of children's profiles for you to throw through.

We would appreciate to write to us if you are interested in joining our partnership at

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RESOURCE HUB FOR DEVELOPMENT (RHD) is a registered national, non-governmental, non-profit, non religious, non-political, humanitarian and development Organization.

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