Youth and Women Economic Empowerment

Youth and Women Economic Empowerment

Kenya is among the 10 countries with the highest rates of unemployment globally. Proportion of the youth age 18-34 constitute 25% of the national population but alarmingly percentage of them remain unemployed (7.24 rate by 2019). About 92% of the unemployed youth lack vocational or professional skills demanded by the job market. The high unemployment levels have led to increased dependency levels, slow economic growth, increasing poverty levels and rising national security challenge that negatively impacts on the overall objectives of the Kenya Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). RHD always regards youngsters as the most dynamic part and source of the society. That is why we implement all our initiatives in cooperation with the young leaders and asking for their contribution in our events. On the other hand, Women’s participation in leadership, governance and decision-making through a robust affirmative action measures needs to be undertaken in Kenya. Despite the inclusion of gender mainstreaming in the performance contracting process to strengthened accountability on gender equality in public service, women are not fully realizing their potential in all sectors especially in agriculture, education and sexual reproductive health rights. RHD Youth and Women Economic Empowerment Initiatives address the following key areas:

  • Capacity Building Activities on an individual level, institutional level and community level through high level coordinated training sessions, thematic workshops, dialogue, consultation, publications, provision of access to repositories of information and resources (for example, databases, libraries and web sites), exchange programs and outreaches, Village Savings and Loans Initiative– (VSLI), Employment creation and income-generating activities, Women’s Green Business, Youth Skills Development
  • Leadership and Governance skills training to help women and youth gain access to leadership positions. Strengthening of youth socioeconomic and political support systems to enhance youth democratic awareness and education of all young people through civic education, establishment of strong formal platform for matters of good governance and political accountability and equal participation of special interest groups.
  • Reducing Gender Based Violence and Discrimination against (Women, PLWD, LGBTI, and PLWHIV) as well as advancing equal rights and assisting women and youth in these circumstances to get support and further their education.

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