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About Child Sponsorship
Are you interested in sponsoring a child in rural Kenya? Good! Because child sponsorship is one of the most effective methods for helping children escape poverty. It changes lives for the better, and it changes lives for good. According to RHD Child right baseline survey, child sponsorship is THE most effective long-term development intervention for helping the poor. It not only addresses immediate physical needs, it also helps builds self-esteem and self-respect. But not all child sponsorship organizations and child sponsorship programs are the same, which is why we’ve

Help Where the Need is Greatest

Educate an Orphan Child
Whilst primary school in Kenya is free, secondary schools are not, and so even the most promising and bright kids from poor background can miss out on secondary school. Our aim is to provide sustainable support to these kids to take them through to the end of secondary school and beyond. We are currently raising money for next year's fees, ensuring that we grow in a way that does not let any of our kids down in the future.

How will your donations help?
We are raising money to give more kids an opportunity to access education, provide them with a different outlook on what their lives may have on offer for them. This will open up an opportunity, that otherwise would remain inaccessible; keeping At-Risk children in schools as well as bringing back OOSC in to classrooms. Your donation will go a long way in changing someone’s life.

Support Sport for Change Cause
Our Sport for Change initiatives is aimed at bringing about positive social change for individuals and communities through the intentional use of sport and physical activity. The power of sport brings people together across culture, language, gender and social class. Its popularity and universality makes it uniquely placed to reach socially isolated or hard-to-reach groups. Sport is a tool to engage stakeholders and policy makers, often used to communicate messages on difficult issues that many would otherwise avoid, promote social connections, reinforce key life-skills, such as decision-making, leadership, team-work and how to manage stress, as well as challenge harmful stereotypes that are a reality for many individuals and groups and provide opportunities to gain work experience, volunteer, and be exposed to the business of sport, offering a range of employment and entrepreneurial pathways.

Help Construct Learning Classrooms and Libraries
We work with other stakeholders in ensuring quality of education in the majority of the schools particularly in disadvantaged rural communities, informal settlements and townships. Schools in the disadvantaged rural communities battle to produce good results owing to lack of wide-ranging educational facilities and resources to support teaching and learning accomplishments. Together, we help in constructing new classrooms, renovate old classrooms and latrines. We are constructing “Wesleyan Children Learning and Care Centre” at a cost of USD 1 million to provide care, education, food, psychological support and counseling. Many of the children need food, clothes and scholastic materials. We also help reintegrate the child with a family member and help that caregiver support the child.

Digital Literacy in Rural Schools
RHD Digital Literacy initiative improves teaching quality and equips children with vital digital skills. Its mission is to give marginalized rural Kenyan schools access to the latest technology; ensuring learners become well-equipped to pursue livelihoods in technology-driven industries, leading to greater economic stability for their communities. The initiative currently impacts over 3,000 students at 13 schools and works via a three-pronged approach:

ICT infrastructure - We developed a flexible learning system where learners can download lessons from an offline server to their tablets so they can access education despite limited access to the internet.
Capacity building - We train teachers to use computer applications to supplement students’ learning, and to use a system that evaluates students’ learning progress.
Content accessibility - We provide free educational relevant digital content that is age and ability-appropriate, and can be accessed both on and offline.

Empowering young women and youth through skills
RHD is investing in young women’s economic empowerment and skills development is one of the most urgent and effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.
Despite growing evidence of the positive outcomes of young women’s economic empowerment, young women continue to experience unequal access to education and skills development and face barriers to securing decent employment and opportunities to thrive as entrepreneurs. Young women’s access to resources, including land and loans, may be restricted by discriminatory laws, and young women continue to shoulder an unequal share of unpaid care work, due to the persistence of traditional gender roles.
RHD is working to increase access to decent employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. RHD has provided vocational training to young, out-of-school women and youth and hand on skills on turning waste to money by using waste materials to make things and sell.
Provided training in computer skills to girls and young women.

Your donation helps children and young people when they need it most.

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