Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

In order to promote and facilitate sustainable agriculture through Innovative, Commercially Oriented and Modern Farming methods and to be able to feed the world’s rapidly growing population, farmers must produce more food on less arable land, and with lower environmental impact. There is need to adopt climate-smart agriculture such as;

  1. Harnessing farm waste as source of organic fertilizer
  2. Use of bio-fertilizer that does not contribute to harmful emissions
  3. Better weather forecasting/early warning systems
  4. Growing resilient food crops
  5. Managing post-harvest losses and crop insurance.

Our efforts are put in place for increased involvement of the youth and women in income generating ventures in the line of Agriculture, Livestock and FisheriesOur focus is also on areas such as;

  1. Land-use planning and management
  2. Research
  3. Natural resource conservation
  4. Sustainable supply chains
  5. Climate-resilient agriculture
  6. Storage
  7. Irrigation and cultivation of commercial crops
  8. Supply of good seeds and fertilizer

RHD is also working alongside with local agricultural officers to spearhead efforts to improve soil fertility  through  training smallholder farmers and  rural communities  on  better  farming  methods  by organizing training workshops and engaging rural schools to practice school-based farming to support their school feeding programs, provide farmers with fertilizers, seeds and smart bags (smart farming technique).

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